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For over a decade, I led product groups for TumblrFlickr and other Internet companies whose missions blurred the boundary between technology and the humanities. 

In an age where we digitize more and more of our lives, I focus on a simple goal:

The things we create online should bring us closer to people offline.  

I started Imagist Labs in 2013 to work on questions I struggled with personally. How can technology accentuate the awesome stuff that makes us human? Can online interactions be the stuff of stories and dreams? How can we interact with serendipity, narrative and memories in our digital products? We have launched two mobile applications to explore these questions further:

Imagist is a way to organize our mobile photos — our modern memories — into artistic units of expression. 

SelfieIM is a nascent communication protocol based around self-portraiture.

If you share these interests, please drop me a line:
josh@joshuanguyen.com | LinkedIn.