Great movie on Netflix right now. I’m liking Argentinian movies more and more for their portrayals of situations that Hollywood would find boring. #sidewalls

Edit (re: consumingtime) - it’s not really like 500 days of summer. The thing I appreciate is that there’s a level of metaphor or at least an attempt at engaging the audience to reflect on their own condition — I think it’s different than most Hollywood movies (500 days included) where the emphasis is on moving the plot points along.

(re: 3vezesaodia) - I’ve seen Life of Fish and it’s great! I love the characters in that movie, too.

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  2. consumingtime said: Two things: 1. That looks like a straight 500 days of summer type derivative. Down to the hipster track. 2. Isn’t your point true of the bulk of non-American movies? I think so, just didn’t get that this is one of them from the trailer.
  3. voltascompletas said: Hey, Josh! Try the cinema from Chile too! There’s a little masterpiece called “La vida de los peces” there ;)
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