Subscription services

Trying to figure out things I should subscribe to. What are some things you like/can’t live without?

Monthly charges:

  • Phone: $150 (family plan with C)
  • Cable: $37
  • Wifi: $60
  • Netflix: $9
  • Zipcar: $5
  • Flickr: $2
  • MTA: $50
  • Utilities: $15
  • Pandora: $4
  • Hulu: $8
  • Rdio: $10 (no Tumblr integration)

Under consideration:

  • Spotify: $10
  • Dropbox: $10
  • ?

Edits (for the responses):

I’ve not heard of Graze, but in terms of food, I’m also considering things like Blue Apron.  I’ve tried Craft Coffee but work at coffeeshops too much for it to be useful.

  1. kevbob answered: Crashplan for me; I use Dropbox and it’s essential to me, but I only need the free acct at this time, so for me it is $0.
  2. stuffevalikes answered: I know that you crossed Rdio off already, but I find the $5 browser only plan to be invaluable at the office.
  3. kienan answered: Spotify 1000%. I have the $10 version and use it 8 hrs/day for the last 1.5 years. When albums release, they have it available the same day.
  4. deplorableword answered: I don’t have a iTunes library at all, I just use Spotify, it’s liberating when you’re entire music library doesn’t take forever to sync
  5. andrew answered: cant function w/ spotify and dropbox.
  6. squarescape answered: wow! your utilities are only $15.?! i dropped cable and invested in a hd antenna as i am urban. ur phone rate seems high.
  7. chrscpr answered: Not tech, but are you familiar with Graze?
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