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Somewhere in San Francisco

Somewhere in San Francisco

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It is as though the earth becomes like a great brass bell, which when struck by an enormous hammer blow on one side sets to vibrating and ringing from all over. Now there have been catastrophic events at three corners of the Pacific Plate—one in the northwest, on Friday; one in the southwest, last month; one in the southeast, last year. That leaves just one corner unaffected—the northeast. And the fault line in the northeast of the Pacific Plate is the San Andreas Fault, underpinning the city of San Francisco.
Simon Winchester
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I want more things like Dolores Park, things that embrace the quiet rather than the firehose of ubiquitous broadcasting that is all the rage these days. I want maps like that. I want a map my neighbourhood, or a city I’m visiting, that is just the history of the places the people I know have been.


A hipster asked a woman where she got her dress. “It’s so nice! I love the open back!”

The woman answered, “I got it at Barneys.. last summer season.  Thanks!”

The hipster walked away, crestfallen and dark.

Meh. Not sure who I snickered at more, the woman with a dress that showed her bra from the back or the hipster who liked / disliked the dress. Or maybe myself, for snickering.

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