Dinner for one: I made a lot of food for guests who couldn’t show up today. Serves me right for being ambitious.

1. 3 Cultures Bao: pork belly fish sauce caramelization (Vietnamese), kim chee (Korean), homemade chillies in hot oil, pickled cucumbers & hoisin sauce (Chinese), rice bun

2. Kale salad 3 ways: raw, roasted, tempura’d with sweet potato fries, champagne pickled cranberries, toasted pumpkin seeds and sesame miso dressing

3. Coconut pudding w tapioca, black beans and durian

:) I miss cooking ornately - the chemistry and techniques calm my brain a bit from the typical social media/tech spazz.

I really like simpler food, and I really like restaurants that leave you alone. What satisfies me is simple food really well prepared—and prepared with conviction. I’m a little tired of restaurant culture, and I really like to cook. And, this sounds weird, but I sort of feel we’re being deprived of the pleasure of cooking.
Michael Pollan laying down all my thoughts concisely on food, cooking, restaurants and the NY vs SF culture precisely. great read! (via http://newyork.grubstreet.com/2013/04/michael-pollan-in-conversation-with-adam-platt.html)