I am a female 39 years old lawyer. I have been there, downtown in Rio (20/06/2013), from 4:30 to 9:30 PM. There is no explanation for what is going on in Brazil. Yesterday we had about 1.4 mio people on the streets only in Rio (local media lie about the numbers - NY Times, ou should see with own eyes). There was no vandalism at all but when the people was already going home, the Gov. closed all subway stations and there was no public transportation within a radius of 20 km. The mobile thelephone lines and internet have been closed all the time. By the end of the manifest, when most people had gone and there was a small group dispersing towards the south of the city suddenly, the street lights went out. The police began to throw bombs and rubber bullet shots at random. We all turned the corrner and went to Rio Branco Av.(a great avenue that cross the protests avenue). What we’ve found there: more bombs coming from the beginning of Rio Branco avenue and all the side streets. Me and hundreds of people were trapped like rats in a shoebox, there was no exit, no way out. We had to run through the bullets and bombs using masks wet with vinegar. What media calls vandalism always start about 8:30 PM, behind the protest and noboy is able to come back to see. The folk already suspect that the “vandals” are people paid by the gov. to delegitimize the movement, because they always act, in all cities, at the same time and in the same manner; The police does not lead them to prison