A wonderful application to add to your iPhone when you want to find something really fun and spontaneous to do. Great for families, date ideas and anyone who likes to try new things. I would highly recommend it!

I sometimes forgot that I did this a while back. Oh, the early days of the App Store. cc @christenduong 

Fuck yeah for building things (even if you look back and know all the things you should’ve done). 

Super Twiddler (£1.79)
One to watch: (currently only available in US) With a tagline of ‘Don’t Twiddle your thumbs, twiddle your iPhone’ this app can’t fail to impress. Massively fun to use with a spin and shake interface, Super Twiddler suggests up-to-date activities based on your mood, location and how much time you have to play with. (via whichbudget.com)

Thanks guys!