Dinner conversations

Recently, a few friends and I have talked about things that I wished had a place online to delve into further. Maybe Branch or Medium is it — but as of now, none of the major communications platform really works for in depth and genuine conversation.

Facebook is where your mom is. Twitter is like being stuck in a big stadium concert where everyone is blabbering while a celebrity is onstage. Tumblr is an awesome party with the coolest kids.. but you don’t want to get caught in the corner talking about the deficit when everyone has only 10 secs to share their photos and latest music that they’re into.

Anyways, I’d love to do more data snooping and read up on these things. With a lack of a better party to go to, I figured I’ll just blather on Tumblr.  And it’s an easy way for me to save unresearched and half-processed thoughts somewhere for future reference.

1) The new economic paradigm and what that means to my generation (30-somethings) and the generation in college now.  Better yet, should we even rely on the traditional tenets of capitalism any longer?

2) The overall suckiness of being a 30-something.  We’re a bridge generation, the middle child, caught between the end of century generation and the new wunderkinds who never knew what it’s like not to be plugged in.

3) The changing roles of women: girls, girlfriends, women, wives, lovers, mistresses, employees, managers, mothers, owners, creators, etc.  How economic and social changes have affected the roles of women … and how have that affected men.

If there’s any interesting stuff out there to read on any of these things, I’d love some tips! Yeah?