What do product managers do?

I’ve gotten a lot of interest from friends and others about what product management is.  I was going to write a post about this, but this article covers most of it.  

Product management may be the one job that the organization would get along fine without (at least for a good while). Without engineers, nothing would get built. Without sales people, nothing is sold. Without designers, the product looks like crap. But in a world without PMs, everyone simply fills in the gap and goes on with their lives. It’s important to remember that – as a PM, you’re expendable… Product management is a weird discipline full of oddballs and rejects that never quite fit in anywhere else. – Ken Norton

If you’re looking for good product managers, look for people who:

  1. Ship stuff being built
  2. Use stuff that’s already built
  3. Dream of stuff that’s not yet built

Less talking, less meetings – more of the above means you have someone leaning into doing stuff instead of talking about it.

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