Hello Again

I’ve always been happiest when I can write honestly.

In college, I learned how the Internet worked by making my first blog. I named this website Havilah, after one of the rivers from Eden. Most of the content is lost – college life, philosophical and theological musings, crushes – since it was hosted on the university’s telnet system.

Post college, during my early investment banking days, I blogged about finance and dating life on Livejournal. I also followed other existential twentysomethings and learned a whole lot about emoticons. That blog, too, is lost.

I then started a Blogger when I moved to New York. Halfway secret, this blog was shared only with a few other blogger friends. We inspired each other to write a lot then – it was really an enjoyable community that feels out of place nowadays.

When I backpacked around the world, a friend got me onto Typepad. This Kerouac-ian, stream-of-consciouness style allowed me to freestyle and is a reliable source of nostalgia.

After Typepad, I moved to Tumblr, where my regular writings were refracted into short form detritus. I still love the early days of Tumblr; 2009-2011 was the apex of a certain kind of creative online community. I still remember poring over cool Vimeo videos in my little Brooklyn walk-up.

After Tumblr – I stopped writing and a lot of things happened.

Recently, I wanted a place of my own again – less reliant on platforms that come and go. I’ve been missing this idea of being an audience for myself. I’ll most likely contribute photos, analysis on products I find interesting, and personal reflections to start. And then?

Stay tuned!